CAR MP3 Player v2.0

Last update
15 Dec 2004

Update: 1 Juli 2006
This project has been stopped. the main reason was that the hardware fo the HeadupDisplay needed to be rebuild because it could not withstand the elements of nature throuh the time it was used. (still think it would break down sooner)
Due to the fact that commercialy available players are getting cheaper and better I decided to replace it with a off the shelf solution: The JVC KD-G722 , which has a USB connection and has most of the important function that I was looking for in a player.

Due to the fact that version 1.0 sufferd from strange hardware failures, sudenly BIOS resets mostly, and the fact that the hardware was very out dated I decided to start with a new approch.
Still using the old front display but this will be replaced on a later stage.

The system will consit out of the following hardware:

VIA EPIA V 800 mainboard with C3 processor.
Contianing onboard audio, video, network essentialy everything I needed.
A 10GB 2.5" harddisk in an external enclosure attached via USB.
A DC-DC converter to provide the correct voltages (did not make this one myself because it was not worth the effort against the cost. bought at myelectronics)

Here is a picture of the new version in development stage.

The new system will still run Linux but now the latest 2.4.22 kernel
This is because 2.4 has better USB support and that is essentional here.

The old player software has been updated so it will work under the new kernel.
The kernel itself will be recompiled to provide only the nessecary items so it supports the hardware and will stay small in size.

The harddisk is attached to a secondary USB slot which has an external power line. This is because the USB controler is not able to provide the power needed to drive the harddisk. This results in the system hanging during the POST (PowerOneSelfTest) stage. But this way it works nicely.
Only drawback it has is that the whole system has to be booted using the USB interface and since this board only supports USB1.1 this goes very slow. it takes 35 seconds to startup the whole system.
Solution that I came up with is to boot the system using an old compactflash card. The main benifit of a compact flash card is that they provide an interface that it can be attached to the IDE bus.

Here it is completly boxed in.

This unit can will be placed somewhere hidden in the car. The connector connects to the Harddisk and the Headup Display. Ideal would be to load the complete kernel out of the BIOS like the guys at Linuxbios have done.

for more inforamtion you can always contact me by email
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