CAR MP3 Player v1.0


This system is curently not working any more because it was having hardware problems and i am working on a brand new version. Same idea but newer hardware.


The display in te dashboard.
A bit closer..
Now with an other display layout.
a look at the old display cover
This is the system "driving" the whole thing.
The monitor & keyboard are there just for debug pupose. normaly the system runs without them.:)
A close-up here you can see my home made power supply

System statistics:

Headup display consists of:
1 2x20 characters VFD display
1 PIC16C84 to control the display and process the keyboard.
16 keys
1 RS232 interface to the computer system

The Computer:
CPU Cyrix 6x86 166+ (Pentium 1 equ) running as 133+ to save power cunsumption and heat.
Soundbaster AWE64 soundcard
Trident VGA card. 
MAXTOR 8GB Harddisk for OS and mp3 files.

OS: Linux Slackware, 2.035 kernel

This system, in this configuration, has an average load of 60% when playing mp3 files.

for more inforamtion you can always contact me by email
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