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Electronics is one of my main interests and because of that I have created a lot of projects that involve electronics and somtimes also software. Because now a days most things can be done easily with microcontrollers and they need software before they can do anything. Luckely I am a software developer for my profession so that is no problem.

Latest project added to the site.

Dec 2009/Jan 2010

building my own x0xb0x

During the christmas holidays I began with the assembly of my own x0xb0x, a Roland TB-303 rebuild, which is a bassline synthesizer (search for it on google or youtube)
After months of looking at this project I finaly found a way of getting all the parts easily, so that I could start building it right away.
That said it still was a huge project which took me a couple of weeks to get finished and working as it should be.
I still have to make a full report about this project so this is it for now.

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Another big interest of me is music.
Back in '92 I discovered the House music scene and ever since this has kept my interest. I have been through a lot of genres falling under the term House, ranging from club, mellow, trance, hardtrance, hardcore, techno, tribal, tech house, progressive and what more they all might be called.
I sometimes find it difficult to explain exactly what it is about this music, but what I have noticed through the years is that you have to have a certain feeling for this music, just as with classical music you love it or you hate it.

At a later stage I started buying records because there was almost no other way of listerning to this music, except for waiting for compilation/mix CD's. When the collection grew I attempted to mix them together my self.
Now I try to put up a new mix for each month.

Latest mix added
Jul 2011 60:29min 47MB

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Now a days I listen a lot to FriskyRadio and the show Transitions by John Digweed on Kiss100


Of course there are also things that can not be put under the other two categories. They come here.

This website is developed and maintained by me.

Inline skating/skeeleren
In 2007 I bought a GPS unit and since then I have been recording all the routes that I have skated, alone, or with friends from ArnhemNightSkate /ArnhemNightSkateHyves

Last route added here.
19Km Skeeleren langs de Linge

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7522 Km in total
- 595 Km in 2014 so far....
- 1463 Km in 2013.
- 865 Km in 2012.
- 211 Km in 2011.
- 1293 Km in 2010.
- 1660 Km in 2009.
- 1170 Km in 2008.
- 542 Km in 2007.

When I do not use the skates I also have a mountain bike that I can use. And with the forests nearby that is great fun.

3576 Km in total
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