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Firmware Update page.

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How to update the firmware?

First you need the proper software.
You need the flash_tools available from the DgStation website.
Here you will also find the latest firmware versions from DgStation.
Install this software package somewhere on your PC and remember the location. (you will need it later)

You need to connect the Relook to you PC with a USB cable or a Serial cable.
For the USB cable can be used the Windows machine first needs to install some drivers.
You might have done this already to get access to the PC Editor functions.
For short if your PC wants to look for new driver software show it the directory where you installed the flash_tools (you should have remembered it).

There are 2 diffent types of firmware images

1- the all included roughly 8MB in size. that contains the latest bootloader and the kernel with its file system.
Because this image contains the bootloader this is an image which has to be used with care. If during the update process something goes wrong (cable disconnect or powerloss) you will probably not be able to get the machine working again using these tools. (perhaps you can only send it back :( ).

2- the rootfile system only. roughly 5MB in size. This only contains the kernel and the updated filesystem. If you have the correct bootloader you can use this one and then you have the posibility that when something goes wrong you can try again.

I would suggest always try to use the rootfile systm image first.

Ok here goes!!
- Startup the Flash_Tools on your PC.
- Select USB or Serial (i prefer USB because of speed)
- Select the image file you want to send to your setupbox (click on File).
- Now turn off your Relook 300S if it was on and wait until it is down.
- Prehaps turn on your TV to see what is happening. :)
- Now turn the Relook 300S On with the power button and keep it pressed until you see the pinguin screen on your TV
- Now press the Down button in the Flash_tools on your PC.
- Wait a couple of seconds and whats the progressbars in the Flash_Tools.
- When the tool is finished press the Power button and your done.

If everything went well you have the firmware version you selected else you have a problem. In that case I would suggest to look for a solution in one of the online forums. You might also try to reflash it with a version which is not the most resent or even better the same as was in it before the update.

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