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How can I update all the channels and the settings using a PC.

First you need the proper software.
You need the PC editor v1.0 available from the DgStation website.(be sure to use v1.0 dated 14-4-2005)
If you have not installed the Flash_tools package as wel take grab that as well.
Install the software somewhere on your PC and remember the location. (you will need it later)

You need to connect the Relook to you PC with a USB cable.
Turn on your Relook 300S and select the USB menu. There you select PC editor.
Your PC will detect a new device on the USB port and will ask you to install the drivers for it.
The drivers that are needed can be found in the directory where the Flash_tools software has been installed. (this is why you needed to remember where you installed it.)

Now you can start the PC Editor tool on your PC.
To retreive the list from you setupbox click on USB Upload. Enter the path where you want the data to be stored and click Start.

Now you can make the changes you want to make in your setup. When your done you can write the changes back by selecting USB Download.

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