The Multi Color Mylonit

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30 Dec 2004

This project is based on the same idea as the ornament project but now I am using a Glass lamp to create a multi color lamp.

The lamp I use comes from IKEA they sell them under the name Mylonit.
This lamp has a milk glass type which should glow nice around the complete surface.

The idea is to light up the lamp not using the standard light bulb that should be used but to use Ultra Bright LED's.
The technology has evolved so much that today there are LEDs available that can be used as a tourch. On Ebay I bought some of these LEDs and after playing around with them this idea came to me.

Because the LED's are very small, 5mm diameter, a number of them can be placed in the base of teh lamp. and using different colors will also light up the lamp in that color. It realy gives a nice effect.
Another benefit is that LED's consume a lot les power then normal Light bulbs. The powerconsuption will probably be in the range of 1 or 1.5 Watt. This is very nice but not my main goal (it is not as bright as when using it with a 40Watt lightbulb but then again it is just for ambiance enlightment).

Here is a small preview of what it can look like when just one color is activated at a time.


!! This is a work in progress !!

Future plans:
Control the lights with a computer to produce a wide color spectrum. and final goal is to create a number of these lamps and control them using one single computer (maybe even a webinterface or something).

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