Inline Skate Lights

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Dec 2007

Due to the fact that I regulary go out skating on a friday night, it is a must to have some light with you. Not only so that you can see where you are going (not everywhere are streetlights) but also because you want to be noticed by the other traffic that might otherwise not see you.
The easiest way is to get some bike lights and attach them some where on clothes/bags/helmet. Most popular is the head mounted light that can be put on your head with a strap. But when wearing a helmet you have to mount it on there or find some place else to put the light.

After having attached red bike lights to the back of my rollerblade skates, which is working fine when your not wearing long pants, I wanted to extend this with also lights in front or side whatever was easiest made. Lights in front was my favorite cause I then could shine a light on where I was going.
With that in mind I made several designs which al had there flows and drawbacks, mostly due to mounting issues. I did not want to drill holes in my skate frame and infact I did not want to destroy anything on the skates original parts.

Now with these lights I have made something that seems to work quite well. Nothing has come off while skating so far.
The lights are made using a battery pack of a head wearable light containing 3x AAA cells and several high brigthness LED's (white in front and red for the rear, in the middle can be any color ).
I might want to improve the battery life by using a microcontroller to control the lights. First I want to find out how well this design is against real usage.

Can you perhaps call this skatemodding??

In 2008 & 2009 I improved the design and now it is using a lithium polymer accu pack, this is smaller and lighter and provides more energy. But is a higher risk while short circuited. I also improved the waterproof performance. They can now be used on wet roads, which is not recommened but sometimes your unlucky to get caugth by a rain shower.

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